Why should I trim my hedges?

Why should I trim my hedges?

Every plant needs its fair share of attention and care in order to look extraordinary. That’s why it’s extremely important to trim and also prune your hedges from time to time. Formative pruning and some maintenance trimming will help keep your plant in amazing shape, and that will help it stay within bounds as well.

When should you perform hedge trimming?

Hedge trimming is a maintenance task focused on tidying up your hedge simply by cutting it back and removing some of the overgrown parts. Pruning is an action that focuses mostly on the hedge health and the overall safety of the plants surrounding it. However, hedge trimming is more about aesthetics and the visual appeal of your hedges.

It’s important to note that trimming also helps you deal with the excessive growth of your hedge, and it can also increase the amount of moisture and light received as well. Which is why it’s extremely important to perform hedge trimming as often as possible. Whenever you see any significant signs of growth that make it all very unappealing, then that’s the right time to deal with this problem, and it will certainly help you quite a bit here.

Normally, maintenance trimming is handled 2 times per year for those formal hedges and 1 time per year for informal hedges. In some cases, you will find hedges that need maintenance 3 times per year. When it comes to the right time for hedge trimming, you want to do this either in the spring or during the summer. Do keep in mind that you will have nesting birds in hedges sometimes, if that’s the case you can do it a bit later, once the nesting season is over.

The benefits of hedge trimming

Promoting hedge health

If you want to keep your hedge healthy in the long run, then it’s incredibly important to provide regular trimming. As we mentioned above, doing that early or 2 times per year will help quite a bit. Working with a company that offers tree-related services like hedge trimming is very important, since they can help you keep your hedge healthy in the long run.

Once you take such a step, you will notice there are some incredible improvements coming your way, and your landscape area will look better in no time. In addition, your hedges will add to the visual appeal of your landscape, and you get to make sure that there are no unhealthy compounds or signs of damage. The last thing you want is for your hedge to be damaged, and proper hedge trimming can help you achieve that in the long run.

Preventing diseases or bug-related problems                                                 

There’s no denying that hedges are prone to deal with bug infestations. They are always out in the open, and bugs as well as other insects can try to make these hedges their own nesting grounds. It’s important to prune and trim hedges often, as this will help remove any unhealthy parts and possible bug infestations.

When you leave dead parts of the plant there, like deadwood, you can end up with bug infestations. The more you leave these unhandled, the more challenging it becomes. That’s why it’s imperative to trim hedges properly at least once a year. In fact, you should assess your hedges and see if they need trimming more than once a year. This is also when you figure out if there are any issues, and in the end you will have healthier hedges if you do it right.

It helps you make the right first impression

When someone is visiting you, the way your home and landscape area looks can say a lot. A manicured, trimmed hedge speaks for itself, and that’s why you need to do everything in your power in order to trim your hedges at least 1-2 times per year. A properly trimmed hedge will boost the appeal of your yard. It shows that you are indeed taking care of everything and people will trust/appreciate you more.

Trimmed hedges offer great privacy

Yes, if you trim your hedges properly, you will be able to enhance your privacy. It makes your outdoor area look spectacular, and at the same time you can trim hedges to ensure that no one gets to see what you are doing beyond those hedges. It’s one of the best ways to improve your privacy, and that alone makes hedge trimming well worth your money.

Shielding your property from the elements

Maybe one of the top benefits of hedge trimming is the fact that you get to boost your safety. Whenever weather blows and the rain is falling heavily towards your home, you do want to ensure that your hedges are trimmed. If not, those extra branches can end up damaging your property or other hedges. Thanks to hedge trimming, the risk of dealing with broken branches is reduced, and you don’t have to worry about car or home damage. The same thing can be said about flying debris risks, all of these are minimized as well.

Increasing your home value

If you’re looking to increase your home value before selling it, then it makes a lot of sense to invest in some hedge trimming as well. The reason is that properly trimmed hedges improve the visual appeal of your property. Simple changes like these can make a huge difference, especially if you want to increase the home price and value without investing a whole lot of money.


As you can see, trimming your hedges is a great idea, since it helps you make your property look better. It also increases your privacy and safety too. Plus, you don’t have to worry about branches falling on your car or damaging your windows during a storm. Tremendous Tree Surgery is a company with more than 20 years of experience, and we are here to assist with dead wooding, tree surgery, hedge trimming, stump removal and other similar services. Don’t hesitate and contact us for comprehensive, professional tree services, our team is always here to assist!

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